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Choosing your kitchen

countertop is one of the

most important decisions

you will make during the

design of your new kitchen.

 The large surface area

means that the colour and

material will dominate the

space and will need to tie

in to your choice of

cupboards and the style and colour scheme of the rest of your home.


The countertop needs to be functional and highly durable. You want it to withstand knives, hot spills, oily ring marks, drops of curry, chocolate or cream and all of the other challenges we throw at a countertop on a daily basis. Your choice will depend on how often you use your kitchen and how long you want it to last.


There are many options you can consider. Formica tops are still a very popular choice and gone are the days of the Formica you saw in your grandmother's kitchen. Formica kitchen tops now come in a range of gorgeous 'on trend' colours and realistic imitation finishes that will help you achieve a look worthy of a home magazine. Don't believe us? Come to our studio and see for yourself.


We offer a wide variety of granite colours, including, African range, desert range and our local range which includes Rustenburg granite and Rudi's choice.


Caesarstone countertops are well known for high quality, durability and adding a level of sophistication to any kitchen. We also offer other brand of manufactured stone, at more affordable prices, but with the same quality and durability.

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