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Unlike melamine-faced

boards, veneer boards are

 products of nature. A

built in kitchen crafted in

veneer have a rich and

distinct character.

Veneer boards are

manufactured by applying

 real wood veneer sheets

onto high quality chipboard

or mdf board.  The finished product renders the appearance of real wood at a fraction of the price of solid wood.


Each built in project is unique because each wood species varies from batch to batch.  Viewing veneer boards from different angles often renders different appearances. Veneers become richer and darker with time.  The main advantages are:


    - Veneer boards can be stained to enhance its appearance


    - Veneer boards do not easily show wear and tear like melamine boards


    - Chip marks do not develop as easily as with melamine boards


    - Veneer boards offer a huge variety of wood grains


    - Veneer boards are edged with matching solid mm edging


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